Thursday, December 19, 2013

Long time, no see, wargamers!

I am about to get myself knee-deep in more wargaming excitement this upcoming year, and I figured it was about time to kick the dust off this page and get an update on here.

First is a shot of the status of the Dark Angels as they stand now (missing from this pic are all my Ravenwing Speeders (6), my Ravenwing Bike Command units, and Land Raider):

Lastly, here is a pic of the Great Unclean One from the post below to wet the appetite for more Nurgle Chaos goodness.  This is currently on display in my local GW store, and this picture was taken there:

I will be participating in the Tale of X Gamers challenge with what is still unpainted from my Chaos Space Marine army at Librarium Online in January.  I will keep this page updated with the progress on that challenge.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My First Blogger Blog!

Welcome to Miniature Wargaming!

I have recently stored away all of my Warhammer 40K stuff, to make some room to work on my Lord of the Rings armies.  Below is a collection of old pictures of my various 40K projects that I took over the last year or two to help illustrate forum posts at various sites I frequent, so as a first post, here's a collection of a sample of some of my models.

Custom converted Great Unclean One, plus views of 2 Aspiring Champs for my Black Legion.

More of my Chaos Black Legion Army.  Not pictured are my Land Raider, 2 winged Daemon Princes, and Defiler.  This army has received quite a bit of paint since this picture...

Ravenwing and Deathwing forces for my Dark Angels.  Bikes are now complete and based, and the various speeders have their drivers and gunners.  I plan to magnetize their flying bases at some point...  Terminators have magnetized arms, with a decent selection of ranged and close combat options.

More Dark Angels.  Hatches and doors are now done on these since this picture.

Group shot of my Nids, and a few close up shots post-dip.

This is a picture of my dedicated Game Loft.  This was right after I bought my place, so it's not quite so sparse in there any more! :D  Figured I'd add it, since it was there in my photobucket.

Next post should have some Lord of the Rings goodness, so stay tuned.  Better yet, Follow my Blog!